Nicole Arends

Theatre Director and Performer


Mending Fences by Norm Foster
Village Players
2190 Bloor St W, Toronto (map)
June 2021

The Departure Train by Michelle Tocher
Director and Dramaturge
Wonderlit Productions
Fall 2021

Theatre Directing



Nicole Arends has an extensive background in theatre directing and performance, expressive arts facilitation, and arts management. After acquiring her BA in Theatre from York University, Nicole started her own theatre company for youth in Ottawa called The Balcony Players and has since directed for many community, independent and professional theatre companies in Toronto.

Nicole is continually looking for new projects and avenues to help us see the world in a new light, examining how to make spirituality theatrical, and in blurring the line between audience and performance using site specific and immersive theatre methods. She aims to create theatrical environments for audiences to allow for transformative experiences. For example, in directing Hamlet, she staged the play in what she called “In the round and all around” where the audience was configured in a way that allowed the action to take place all around them offering complete immersion into the world of Hamlet’s mind.

Nicole’s inspirational influences include Robert Lepage, Julie Taymor and Cirque du Soleil who explore new and innovative ways of expressing magic on stage. Through her company, Mask Atelier, she has offered workshops using masks for personal development. Since 2005, Nicole has been working for The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) where she helmed the Living Through the Arts Program training artists to work in hospitals and social service organizations. She also ran the Artist-Educator Professional Training Certification Program as well as the ARTS-REHAB Project, an Ontario-wide research study that studied the effects of creative processes on rehab patients.  Nicole currently has several theatre projects in development as a dramaturge and theatre director. Please see her Directing and Acting CV’s for more information.

Theatrical Interests: magical realism, science fiction, mythology (and myth-making), human evolution, archetypes, fairy tales, abstract theory, alchemical transformation and transcendence.


Nicole Arends